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Carcoon - Leading Innovator of Portable Paint Booth and Controlled Environment Technology.

The Patented Carcoon Workstation Portable Paint Booth - Designed For Body Shops And Mobile Repairers.

Controlled Environment Storage Systems - Designed to Protect Sensitive Equipment, Vehicles, Aircraft And Anything Needing Protection From Harsh Environmental Conditions. 

Find Out More About The Benefits Of Carcoon Workstations and Controlled Environment Systems That Are Available In A Range Of Sizes For A Variety Of Purposes. From Automotive To Trains, We Have A Carcoon Solution For You.



Carcoon America has been the leading innovator in the portable automotive storage and portable workstation field for more than twenty years.

Our patented portable workstation was designed for the busy body shop looking for a location to complete smaller repairs without taking up time or space in a busy paint booth. It also serves well as a prep and primer station. The portable workstation has made a tremendous impact on the smaller shop that can't afford a paint booth or doesn't have the room.

The Carcoon Workstation is also perfect for the mobile SMART repairer going from dealership to dealership.

In all of the above cases, the workstation provides an excellent environment for any situation while conforming to the new rules implemented by the EPA regarding the 6th rule to protect the environment from damaging emissions.


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"Carcoon's patented airflow technology exceeds the EPA emissions requirements for capture efficiency. The Workstation also meets & exceeds OSHA ventilation and the NFPA combustible material requirements."

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